WordPress is accessible in three steps


Subscribe to the site

To register, click on the “Sign Up” button at the top right of the site as shown on the screenshot

After that you will arrive at the registration page where you will have to fill out the required fields.

Please note that the user name must be filled in with only Latin characters. You also have to mark the first two check-in places, send me the registration details in the email, and the second I read the terms of use and I confirm

Finish registration

After clicking on the registration you will receive a confirmation email, a login with login information and a login to the site and the management panel

Connection to the site and access to the management panel

At the end of the registration you will be sent to the website and to your personal management panel where you can add sites to the service, make payments, receive the code for assimilation and scan your web pages in the “accessibility scanner”

Management panel

After login you will reach the personal customer area called the “management panel” here two things will happen. The first is to add sites to the service and the second will open up a new menu with all the information needed to make the site accessible, the accessibility tool, the accessibility scanner


Add a site to the service

In order to add a site to the service click on the “Add Site” button as shown in the screenshot after you will come to the screen where you add your URL and you will need to choose the language of the tool to embed in the code Note that the tool should be in the same language of the site – Hebrew to Hebrew, English English and so on

Management panel – after adding a site

After adding a site to the service, return to the “admin panel” page where you will be presented with a table that includes the date of inclusion, component language, active / inactive status

Copy the code

By clicking on the “embed code” button you will receive a window showing the unique code for your site which you need to copy and embed in your website code (how, how and where in the following photos)

Embed the tool code in the site code

Pay attention to this part and have to work slowly and carefully

After copying the tool code (the previous screenshot), it must be embedded in the site code. In order to do so, you must log in to the admin system after clicking on the “Appearance” button, followed by the “Editor” button

After that you will arrive at the page editor of the site and here click on the section called Header

After clicking on the Header, the word head should be searched, and the code should be embedded with the ctrl + v key

At the end of course do not forget to press the SAVE button

* If you do not get along, you can always contact us for help

Note: It is always advisable before any change to the site to make a backup

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