Frequently asked questions

What is accessibility tool?

The accessibility tool “WordPress-accessibility” is a clever development which allows WordPress®  pages to turn accessible at a touch of a button.

How does it work?

The tool automates the visualization of the site in order to make it more enjoyable to people with a range of disabilities: Impaired vision, Color blindness, Epilepsy, Motor difficulties and more.

How to implement the tool in my site?

After registration you’ll get access to the management panel where sites can be added to the service.

After purchase, look for the “Take Code” button. Copy the provided code into the designated area. That’s it!

Does the tool comply with the Accessibility Act?

Definitely yes!

Using the tool and completing the accessibility you perform according to the scanner output brings the site to W3C WIA WACG LEVEL AA

What is the accessibility scanner?

The accessibility scanner is an online platform which allows you to perfectly perform our service, without the need of a professional programmer or script writer. The scanner automatically analyzes the accessibility level of your current page.

At the end of the scan, an output explains what can be improved and available solutions.

You can learn about each function right here.

How do I contact Bility?

You can find our contact information on the “Contact us” page, or reach us via our Facebook page or Support forum. Follow us for updates, support, comments, insights and more!